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AC Immune KOL Webinar on Amyloid Plaque PET Imaging in Alzheimer’s Disease as a Surrogate of Clinical Efficacy

DATE: November 9, 2023
TIME: 10:00 AM EST

About The Event

Join us virtually via webcast, for a KOL event featuring Prof. Victor Villemagne, MD (University of Pittsburgh), to discuss the heightened interest in amyloid plaque PET imaging and understand the methodology, mechanisms, and clinical implications of plaque lowering in light of recent successful trials.

The AC Immune team will also highlight its anti-Abeta active immunotherapy candidate, ACI-24.060, currently being evaluated in the ongoing Phase 1b/2 ABATE study for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease. Initial PET imaging analyses in Alzheimer’s patients to assess amyloid plaque reduction after 6 months of treatment with ACI-24.060 in the ABATE trial are anticipated in the first half of 2024.

A live question and answer session will follow the presentations.