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Aeglea BioTherapeutics KOL Webinar on Classical Homocystinuria and Pegtarviliase, Aeglea’s Potential Treatment

DATE: October 27, 2022
TIME: 10:00 AM EDT

About The Event

Join us for the Aeglea BioTherapeutics KOL Webinar featuring expert Harvey Levy, MD (Boston Children’s Hospital and Harvard Medical School), who will discuss the unmet medical need and current treatment landscape for patients suffering from Classical Homocystinuria, also known as cystathionine beta synthase (CBS) deficiency.

The Aeglea BioTherapeutics management team will provide an overview of their potential treatment solution, pegtarviliase, a human enzyme therapy which is currently in Phase 1/2 clinical development.

A live Q&A session will follow the formal presentations.

Event Speakers

Harvey Levy, MD