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Lunch with LifeSci: Featuring Avadel

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DATE: May 4, 2023

About The Event

Please join us for the LifeSci Advisors virtual webinar series “Lunch with LifeSci” featuring the senior management team of Avadel Pharmaceuticals, a late-stage clinical biotech company focusing on narcolepsy, a rare chronic sleep disorder.

Avadel Pharmaceuticals’ drug LUMRYZ™, an investigational formulation of sodium oxybate leveraging its proprietary drug delivery technology, is taken once at bedtime to help patients improve both the nighttime and daytime symptoms associated with narcolepsy.  Alternative therapeutic options require patients to forcibly awaken in the middle of the night to take a second dose. Avadel Pharmaceuticals’ once-at-bedtime medicine offers a significant potential improvement for patients by eliminating the need for a second, middle of the night, dose.

Our “Lunch with LifeSci” series highlights promising healthcare investment opportunities by simplifying the complex and making them accessible and understandable to generalist investors who appreciate the alpha it can generate in their investment portfolios.

Avadel Pharmaceuticals is one such promising company…their once-at-bedtime LUMRYZ™ is currently expected to attain a final approval decision from the FDA in May 2023 and commercial launch is expected to commence shortly thereafter. LUMRYZ™ addresses a large unmet medical need in an already existing, $1.8B market and is well positioned for significant growth. Avadel Pharmaceuticals anticipates expanding to additional targeted customer segments of the market to capture a meaningful share of an estimated $3B+ market opportunity. Avadel Pharmaceuticals is well capitalized to fund the launch of LUMRYZ™, having recently raised over $135M from top-tier investors while also entering a $75M royalty agreement with its largest shareholder, RTW. We are excited to introduce you to this great investment opportunity.