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Jasper Therapeutics: Hybrid KOL Event on Transforming the Field of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Therapies

DATE: April 28, 2022

About The Event

The luncheon will feature presentations from Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) Lori Muffly M.D., M.S. (Stanford University) and David Sallman (Moffit Cancer Center) who will discuss the current landscape and unmet medical need in stem cell transplant conditioning as well as MDS primary treatment.
The Jasper management team will discuss how Jasper Therapeutics’ JSP191 addresses the limitations of transplant conditioning. JSP191 is a targeted, humanized monoclonal antibody currently in clinical development as a conditioning agent to clear hematopoietic stem cells from bone marrow prior to transplant. The management will also discuss the new therapeutic approach for JSP191 (JSP191 is an investigative drug and not approved for any indication) disease modification in lower risk MDS patients to initiate in 2022. Finally, a brief presentation on Jasper Therapeutics’ mRNA stem cell grafts, which are designed to overcome key limitations of allogeneic donor and autologous gene-edited stem cell transplants, will follow.
A live question and answer session will conclude the event.