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MedRhythms KOL Event on Next-Generation Neurotherapeutics: Leveraging the Power of Music and Technology

DATE: March 20, 2023
TIME: 11:00 AM EDT

About The Event

Join us for a virtual KOL event with MedRhythms, featuring Preeti Raghavan, MD, and Alexander Pantelyat, MD, FAAN, who will discuss the potential for the MedRhythms technology platform to develop neurotherapeutics for a range of neurologic conditions, such as stroke, multiple sclerosis, and Parkinson’s disease.

Through auditory-motor entrainment that combines sensors, software, and music with advanced neuroscience to target neural circuitry, MedRhythms aims to improve walking and mobility in patients with neurological impairments. The event will highlight the broad applicability of this technology to different indications, as well as its potential to be disease modifying.

A live question and answer session will follow the formal presentations.