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Molecular Templates: A Unique Approach to Immuno-Oncology for Solid Tumors

DATE: April 13, 2022

About The Event

The webinar will feature a presentation from Medical Expert David Spigel, MD (Sarah Cannon Research Institute) who will discuss Molecular Templates’ program, MT-6402 (targeting PD-L1), and the implications of the Phase 1 data as it relates to treating patients with multiple solid tumors. MT-6402 is the first of the company’s 3rd generation Engineered Toxin Bodies (ETBs) to enter the clinic. It is designed to induce potent anti-tumor effects via PD-L1 targeting through multiple mechanisms that may overcome the limitations of the currently available checkpoint inhibitors.
The Molecular Templates’ management team will provide a brief company update.
A live question and answer session will follow the formal presentations.