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Achilles Therapeutics: Neoantigen Expert Roundtable: Neoantigens as the Relevant Targets in Cell Therapy

DATE: October 13, 2022
TIME: 12:30 PM EDT

About The Event

Please join a KOL panel of experts in the neoantigen field to discuss the importance of neoantigens as targets in solid tumor cell therapy. Charles Swanton, MD, PhD, FRS, FRCP (Francis Crick Institute & UCL) and John Haanen, MD (Netherlands Cancer Institute) will participate in an in-depth scientific panel discussion, moderated by LifeSci Partners Managing Director, Neil Canavan.

The discussion will highlight neoantigens as valuable targets in immunotherapy, Neoantigen discovery, selection, and prediction, and TIL therapies as a platform for mobilizing neoantigen reactive t cells.

A live Q&A session will follow the roundtable discussion.

Event Speakers

Charles Swanton, MBPhD, FRCP, FAACR, FRS

John Haanen, MD

Neil Canavan