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Rakuten Medical R&D Day on Alluminox™ Oncology Platform: ASP-1929 Approved in Japan with Global Development Opportunities

DATE: March 16, 2023
TIME: 12:30 PM EDT

About The Event

Watch the replay here from the virtual R&D Day with Rakuten Medical on its photoimmunotherapy-based oncology technology, the Alluminox™ platform, and its lead investigational compound ASP-1929.

The technology platform – using the power of light with drug and device components – is designed to become a potential 5th pillar of cancer treatment, having been shown in pre-clinical trials to target specific tumors as well as immunosuppressive cells for destruction with minimal effects on surrounding normal tissue.

ASP-1929 based on Rakuten Medical’s Alluminox™ platform is approved in Japan and has been marketed as Akalux® since January 2021 to treat unresectable locally advanced or recurrent head and neck cancer and is currently the subject of a global Phase 3 clinical trial for recurrent head and neck cancer. ASP-1929 is also evaluated in clinical trials in combination with other local and systemic anti-cancer modalities.

The event featured David M. Cognetti, MD (Thomas Jefferson University & Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center) who discussed the development of ASP-1929 in the United States.  Rakuten Medical’s management team also shared their most updated pipeline status and further geographic and indicational expansion.

Please note that this event is for investors or financial institutions, and practicing healthcare professionals and patients are not permitted to attend.