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Seneca Therapeutics KOL Event on SVV & TEM 8

DATE: March 16, 2022

About The Event

The webinar will feature presentations from Key Opinion Leaders (KOL’s) Aman Chauhan, M.D. (University of Kentucky) and Mihnea Bostina, Ph.D. (University of Otago) who will discuss Seneca’s lead asset SVV, an oncolytic virus that is characterized by its ability to replicate selectively in certain human tumor cells (SVV-permissive cells), namely those that express TEM 8, the receptor of SVV.
Additionally, the Seneca Therapeutics’ leadership team will discuss the data and the inherent properties of this viral agent as well as how the platform can be utilized as an intravenously administered oncolytic virus to treat SVV-permissive cancers. SVV kills tumor cells through replication in such cells resulting in apoptosis and cell lysis that in turn activates an anti-tumor response.
A live question and answer session will follow.