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Shattuck Labs Initial Clinical Trial Data from Phase 1A/B Dose-Expansion Cohorts in Frontline HR-MDS and TP53m AML and Review of Dose-Escalation Data from ASH 2023 Annual Meeting

DATE: December 13, 2023

About The Event

Join Shattuck Labs, Inc. for a data call to present the initial data from the frontline expansion cohorts in HR-MDS and TP53 mutant AML. Additionally, a review of data from the poster presentation featured at the 65th ASH Annual Meeting will be discussed.

SL-172154 (SIRPα-Fc-CD40L) is an investigational ARC® fusion protein designed to simultaneously inhibit the CD47/SIRPα checkpoint interaction and activate the CD40 costimulatory receptor to bolster an anti-tumor immune response in patients with advanced cancer. Multiple Phase 1 clinical trials are ongoing for patients with patients with platinum-resistant ovarian cancer and AML and HR-MDS.

A live question and answer will follow the formal presentation.