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Vaccitech KOL Webinar: The SNAPvax™ Platform for Inducing Tolerance to Treat Celiac and other Autoimmune Diseases

DATE: November 28, 2022

About The Event

Join us for a virtual KOL Event with Vaccitech, featuring Robert Anderson, MD, PhD (Novoviah Pharmaceuticals, Brisbane, Australia) and Professor Christopher Jewell, PhD (University of Maryland) who will discuss the unmet needs and current status of treatments for celiac disease and other autoimmunity indications, along with the potential for tolerogenic immunotherapies in the current treatment landscape.

The event will highlight Vaccitech’s SNAPvax™ platform and other nanoparticle technologies for enabling immunotherapies to induce tolerance, with a review of the latest supporting data. The Vaccitech leadership team will present on its SNAPvax™-based preclinical asset VTP-1000 for treating celiac disease and provide an overview of the technology’s potential for targeting other autoimmune disease indications, along with a company update and insight into SNAPvax’s future directions.

A live Q&A session will follow the formal presentations.

Event Speakers

Robert Anderson, MBChB, BMedSc, PhD, FRACP, AGAF

Christopher M. Jewell, PhD