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Ventus Therapeutics Hosts Inaugural Program Spotlight: VENT-03, a First-in-Class cGAS Inhibitor

DATE: May 25, 2023
TIME: 11:00 AM EDT

About The Event

Join Ventus Therapeutics for its first virtual Program Spotlight event featuring VENT-03, a first-in-class cGAS inhibitor in development for lupus and other inflammatory disorders. cGAS, a highly sought-after target, is an innate immune sensor of nucleic acids that, when aberrantly activated, leads to auto-inflammation and tissue damage. Despite significant efforts across the industry over the past decade, VENT-03 will be the first cGAS inhibitor to advance to the clinic.

Ventus Therapeutics, together with Dr. Victoria Werth, Professor of Dermatology and Medicine, will: discuss the biology of the cGAS pathway and its importance in immunology; review the current treatment landscape and the potential of VENT-03 as an effective treatment for lupus; and present the clinical development plan for VENT-03, including an overview of early clinical trials.

A live question and answer session will follow.